Accuphase E-407

Accuphase aims the direction, not begins to attain profound artistry of musicological esthetics, but to master the height of physicalism in a sense.
It amounts to universality.


Truly, soundscape is high dimension worthy of bestbuy.
Though resolution is real as if a exuberance of foliage, tone never reduce to prosaic. It is a matter of course that the tone color is never overemphasized. Although there is no loud element, the sound which can't be heard can be heard, and furthermore, sound building is precise. Looking up at the night sky, it is clear, and a view is extensive, but it is never inhaled by nothing, there are objects which can be seen before passing the place where there is no sparkle. A cluster of stars never crowd in the same place, it varies according to the heavenly bodies effected by the atmosphere and the space time. The particles of the sound are persistently objective, spontaneous generation has them, and go out.
Though the treble spread, it isn't made to have stereo system-like intension, while the undertone has a form firmly with the suitable strength, and it can't feel a character, either. The difference in strength never form a striking contrast. This unimpeachable sound prone to only model behavior and speech, so a thought insipid as audiotical hobby.