British and chic style.
A bright smooth clear tone.
An ear never reject the tone and which comes in my earth spontaneously. It is as if the phraselogy which was full of actual feelings of a nonchalant and straightforward person. I was expecting that a what kind of different culture tone came out, but unanticipatedly it was universal tone.
Aura has a special charm, the other side hand Musical Fidelity has drive ability, thought to be the one which can be handled comprehensively.
The basilar of the sound has fine trait of character. Though the quality of Japanese amplifier of the same price have higher degree in definition, accordingly reproducibility is concrete, as for A3CR the foundation of each note solidly erect, attending on a sweet voice.


A3CR Pre
Distortion less than 0.0004
A frequency band 10Hz-100kHz }1.5
S/N LINE-86dB or more
a rated current 20W in maximum
voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
size 440/95/400mm
weight 13kg

A3CR Power
Output of power 120W(8ohm) in maximum
Distortion less than 0.005
A frequency band 10Hz-20kHz }0.5dB
10Hz-100kHz }2dB
Input reception 1000mV
Input impedance 31kohm
S/N -98dB or more
A rated current 600W in maximum
Voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Size 440/95/400mm
Weight 15kg