It was simple from the impression of the appearance, I had imaged Japanese-antique sound, but unanticipatedly it was a modern style as HiFi stereo.
It is certain to be conscious of the worst result in the depths, revealing my real motive of the first impression, I was relieved it's not a stale sound.

inner A927
A-927 is non-NFB. It can be said to some extent that reputation which damping power is weak is right. Therefore, it may be finished without showing the ability of this amplifier if it doesn't be thought of the weakness of the ability which controls speaker units. As for JBL 4312mk‡Uthe low tone of the weighty-line, the beautiful treble of A-927 interact fault each other. Straight light speaker B&W CDM1SE which is really directly opposite against JBL monitor speaker vivify the idiosyncracy of this amplifier. My point of view till now that even if an amplifier lacks the drive ability, if it is high degree of the sound pressure of the speaker sounds well is an error exactly.

Minute particles rises, there is clarity in the room with perception of depth and distance, but just a bit I felt the frame of the melodic line is sterile. In spite of nice atmosphere, an ear hit is good though tone is not plump, sound itself is to be thin ( It is as excessive as it is exhausted in that word to express this amplifier "vernal freshness"), if volume is increased, it take us a leap. The Contrast the presentative part between the vague part is largish, so lowering the volume, only the high-pitched part is conspicuous. Low tone is vague as if be thrown in. When the tendency of the sound is summarized, it seems to become it is for the classic.

It is assigned variously with a box. A radiation machine is small relatively. A tree was, however, compound board.

I had exceedingly waved which to take SANSUI or ONKYO, I was taken SANSUI at the time of the first grade in the high school, oh my sentimentality of passing.