marantz PM-17 CD-19a

" marantz Premium Series 17 & 19 "
Premium Series of marantz is fine design.
While PM-17 is worn aluminum alloy in exterior through to the side, as for PM-19, only the front panel is polished, so when we look from the top or side it is a mere iron plate box... Because it is all the way, PM-17 is more desirable than PM-19, I thought. CD-19 and MD-19 are also the same. It is a decisive difference between 17 and 19, there is no difference exaggerated from the viewpoint of quality of sound.

PM17 sorry this JPG is not mine
" about PM-17 "
PM-17 command a fine view as for spatial extensity of music, and it has chic tone. The output of power is 60w (8ohm), it's the necessary and sufficient condition. Drive ability is high. worthy of Made in Japan. Phonemic line is slender, and a focus is tight. It thinks that PM-17 can drive any speaker even old with the fresh sound. Congeniality is good for the speaker with a feeling of a embrace or somber sound as well.

CD19a sorry this image is not mine
" about CD-19a "
CD-19a is the present model for 2001 years at present. Comparing its sound with an old model, we would perceive a difference in the freshness easily. And, it is as good as a high-class CD player as well. When I made a concentrated comparison CD-19a with present high-class player TEAC VRDS25x, I couldn't perceive only a little vague in a low tone. Though it is the terrific difference for audio mania...

marantz SA14
Or this is SA14, it is highest-class SACD player...
I can't purchaise for ever.